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Moisture Wicking Thermal Underwear, Flame Retardant Underwear, Antibacterial Sock, Towel and Bathrobe
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Company Brief: Harvest SPF Textile Company Ltd., a single proprietorship  established by China Harvest International Industry Limited which is registered in Hong Kong, specializes in manufacturing healthy functional textiles, including our moisture wicking thermal underwear, healthy thermal underwear, protective underwear, support warmer, antibacterial sock, towel, bathrobe and more. Our quality products have a variety of uses and are popular with international consumers. Both young and old, the outdoors man and the pampered, enjoy the daily use of our products.
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Angora Underwear  
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EnerUp® angora underwear is manufactured from a marvelous blend of finest angora rabbit, wool, EnerUp® hollow fiber, and elastic fibers etc. The angora underwear is soft like cashmere. Also, it comes with excellent warmth retention property and is ideal thermal underwear for daily life and outdoor sports. The Angora rabbit wool is fine and thick wool, and the fineness is comparable with that of cashmere.
It has high whiteness, clean and uniform color, and feels soft and comfortable. It can also help save water resource, as it can be washed and cleaned using a small quantity of water. In addition, angora rabbit wool is a porous fiber and its heat retention capability is 2 times of wool. Its water vapor permeability is also superior to other natural fibers. Our underwear made using angora wool is soft, light and has functions of keeping warm, moisture wicking, breathing naturally and protecting the skin.
1. Underwear made by angora wool is very soft on the skin, feels like cashmere, and does not itch.
2. Angora underwear keeps warm, breathes naturally and wicks away moisture.
3. It meets specific needs in extreme weather conditions.
The materials of angora underwear vary with different specifications.
1. 20% angora, 15%wool, 30%PTT and 35% acrylic
2. 30% angora and 70% hollow
3. 40% angora, 30% wool and 30% polyamide
4. 50% angora, 30% wool and 20% polyamide
Fabric Weight
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