Our Solution

Harvest SPF Textile has won more than 30 national and global patents with over 30 years of experience in the functional textile industry, focusing on the R&D and vertical supply chain. We know the market demands of international retailers, and can provide professional guides for your customisations.


material selection

Explore our carefully curated selection of sustainable materials and customizable activewear , designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and environmentally conscious consumers alike. Our premium materials, such as Merino wool, Modal®, and Tencel™, offer exceptional performance and comfort for a wide range of activities and conditions.


Solution Category

We focus on the R&D and customization of base and mid layers. According to the market categories of our clients, we recommend the corresponding fabrics and design for your retail segments.At the same time, we are shifting towards more use of sustainable materials, and we can provide a full set of sustainable material solutions, from product to packages.

Fitness & Yoga

Indoor sports is the scene where functional fabrics are most needed. We are professional at giving sports fabrics functions, such as moisture absorption and perspiration, cooling,breathability, promoting blood circulation, antibacterial and deodorant, etc. Our seamless sportswear is extremely popular among yoga, cycling and skiing brands. We can provide customers with unique designs and add more internationally renowned functional fibers such as Dryarn, Coolmax, merino wool, etc.

Innovative health-care

We continue to develop products that bring health benefits. In 2023 we launched a series of Heated Vibrating gears, which is another milestone in textile product innovation. For middle-aged and elderly or sub-healthy people, we combine textiles with intelligence to give users deep physical therapy. Of course, we also have textiles that provide health care such as Hip Protection Underwear, Menstrual underwear, Sports & Medical compression socks, etc

Eco daily Essentials

The epidemic has blurred the dress code between office, home and sports scenes. We use TENCEL, MODAL, BAMBOO, PLA, ORGANIC COTTON, RECYCLED SYNTHETICS blended with each other to create a series of sustainable comfortable casual wear suitable for multiple scenes. The style is simple, the fabric is comfortable and environmentally friendly. Our sweatproof undershirt series has been sold by more than one million pieces in the past 7 years. It is not only comfortable and durable in terms of fabrics, but also solves the embarrassment of sweating for thousands of customers

Outdoor & thermals

Our company started to expand global business by making thermal underwear. We love MERINO WOOL and our products stand out because we have developed a variety of merino wool compositions in layers to meet the needs of different seasons, and gained great market success. We are strong at combine MERINO WOOL with sustainable materials, or add prints to enhance product line diversity.