The Mystery of Medical Compression Stockings: Why it can Improve Blood Circulation?

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The Mystery of Medical Compression Stockings: Why it can Improve Blood Circulation?

With the fast pace of modern life, many people sit or stand for long periods of time, which leads to poor circulation and symptoms such as lower extremity swelling and pain. So, what’s the secret to medical compression socks that can improve circulation?


The working principle of medical compression stockings

Medical compression stockings, also known as compression stockings or varicose vein stockings, are a special type of ergonomically designed socks. Its main feature is the application of a gradually decreasing external pressure on the leg, decreasing from the ankle to the knee. This design allows for a certain amount of pressure to be applied to the legs, thus helping the blood to flow back to the heart better and reducing the pressure on the veins of the lower extremities.

Medical compression stockings are mostly made of elastane and cotton, which are soft and comfortable and can fit the skin of the legs and provide even pressure. At the same time, medical compression stockings are also breathable and easy to put on and take off, enabling patients to wear them for a long time to achieve the effect of improving blood circulation.

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Mechanism of medical compression stockings to improve blood circulation

External pressure

By applying external pressure, medical compression stockings increase the contraction force of leg veins, which helps blood overcome gravity and return to the heart smoothly. This pressure gradient design makes the pressure on the blood in the legs gradually decrease, which is conducive to reducing blood stagnation and improving blood circulation in the lower limbs.

Promotes Muscle Pump Function

During locomotion activities such as walking, a physiological process involving the contraction and relaxation of leg muscles occurs, forming what is known scientifically as a ‘muscle pump’. This facilitates the circulation of blood back towards the heart. Medical compression stockings are designed to augment this innate muscle pump mechanism, optimizing blood flow and minimizing stagnation or pooling in the lower extremities.

Reduce edema and pain

In relation to compromised blood flow, one’s lower extremities are particularly susceptible to conditions such as edema and associated pain. This can be effectively mitigated by utilizing medical compression stockings, designed specifically to enhance circulatory processes and decrease venous pressure in the lower limbs. Making a habit of donning these special stockings over prolonged periods can serve as a proactive measure against developing further complications like varicose veins and related diseases.


Compression stockings in action

Compression stockings for varicose veins

Varicose veins represent a prevalent circulatory condition primarily affecting the lower extremities, denoted by pronounced distension and deformation of leg veins. As pivotal accessories in the management of varicose veins, medical compression stockings offer notable relief from discomfort for patients while decelerating disease progression. The utilization of such therapeutic hosiery provides an enhanced sense of ease and comfort to its wearers’ legs, thereby contributing significantly to improving their overall quality of life.

Ideal for post-surgery rehabilitation

For patients after lower limb surgery, due to surgical trauma and prolonged bed rest, it is easy to cause poor blood circulation, which leads to lower limb swelling, pain and other problems. Medical compression stockings can help patients improve blood circulation, reduce postoperative discomfort and promote recovery. In addition, they can also prevent the formation of deep vein thrombosis after surgery and reduce the risk of complications.

A good companion for people who stand or sit for a long time

Medical compression socks provide significant benefits for individuals engaged in professions requiring prolonged periods of standing or sitting, including but not limited to educators, medical professionals and office personnel. Utilizing these specialized stockings is useful in alleviating lower limb fatigue and edema, which can help enhance work productivity and augmenting overall quality of life.

different color of Harvest's medical compression stocks

Precautions for using medical compression stockings

Although medical compression stockings are effective in improving blood circulation, you should pay attention to the following points in the process of using medical compression stockings:

Choosing the right size and pressure level

The dimensions and compression rating of a therapeutic compression stocking must be determined based on the unique needs of the patient. Incorrect sizing can impact pressure distribution and usage longevity, while an inappropriate pressure level might result in discomfort or potential side effects. It is highly recommended to seek advice from a healthcare professional prior to utilizing medical compression stockings to ensure that an appropriately constructed product is selected.

Proper donning and doffing

If you wear medical compression stockings, make sure they are thin and wrinkle-free to avoid undue pressure. When removing socks, remove them slowly and gently to avoid excessive tugging and damage to your skin. At the same time, care must be taken to keep socks clean and dry to avoid infection.



Medical compression stockings improve blood circulation in the lower limbs and reduce symptoms such as varicose veins, edema and pain by applying gradually decreasing external pressure. In practice, medical compression stockings have become an ideal choice for varicose vein treatment, postoperative rehabilitation, and people who stand or sit for long periods of time. Only by using medical compression stockings in a scientific and reasonable way can they give full play to their function of improving blood circulation and improving patients’ quality of life.

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